100% religious selection in state schools (A)

The principle of integrated education is under attack like never before in this country following the Government announcement that it will introduce a new generation of state schools that can religiously discriminate against children for all of their places.

Since 2007, a 50% cap on religiously selective admissions had been in place for all new ‘faith’ schools – something we had fought for under Labour and had extended under Michael Gove.

But now the Government is pushing for absolute selection by religion, at the behest of lobbying from the Catholic Church in particular.

Despite the Government’s rhetoric that this is about ‘choice’, all the evidence is clear that religious selection in fact reduces the ability of parents to see their children attend good local schools and worsens segregation along religious, ethnic, and socio-economic lines in their local areas. In some parts of the country, they make it next to impossible for non-religious parents to send their child to any schools at all in their local area, leaving them with long distances to travel, at great expense, during work hours.

The plans are already developed and we don’t have much time to act. We must oppose them now and we must do so in the strongest terms possible.  We need your help.

Please email your MP to ask them to oppose the Government’s plan to drop the 50% cap on faith-based admissions. Help us fight for an inclusive education system in which children from all backgrounds can learn together, play together, and grow up together. Join us in defending a vision of Britain that is pluralistic, open, and non-discriminatory.

A template letter is provided, which will be automatically emailed to your MP. The letter is personalised so that it matches what we currently know about which party they are in. But to make your letter even more effective you can edit it yourself. Here are some examples:

  • As a young person… describe your recent experience of school. Was it inclusive? Did you mix with children from different backgrounds?

  • Having attended a ‘faith’ school yourself… how diverse was it? Was it religiously selective? If so, what effect did that have?

  • As a parent, carer, or grandparent… What kind of school do your grandchildren go to? Do you want them to mix with children from different backgrounds?

  • As a teacher or governor… does your school select? What is your view on the impact religious segregation in schools can have?